Junior Olympics postcard

May 19, 2010


The Junior Olympics Amateur

April 3, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Presented by Goss & Goss Boxing Club
Event Flyer

at the

Boys & Girls Club
212 Center Street • Trenton, New Jersey
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

One Night of Boxing-15 Bouts
Featuring Amateur Boxers From the Northeast Region
Sanctioned by the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Federation

Sponsor & Ticket info

Sponsorship Levels and Registration Form

April 2, 2010

Goss & Goss Boxing Club
The Junior Olympics Amateur
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Boys & Girls Club, 212 Center Street • Trenton, New Jersey
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Please Circle Your Sponsorship Level
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$1,000 Gold Sponsor: 6 ringside tickets, full-page ad, company banner, recognition plaque, marketing bag, recognition at event.

$500 Silver Sponsor: 4 ringside tickets, half page ad, recognition
plaque, promotional item, t-shirts, recognition at event.

$300 Fight of the Night Sponsor: 2 ringside tickets, quarter page ad,
picture with boxers, recognition plaque, recognition at the event.

$250 Bronze Sponsor: 2 ringside tickets, quarter page ad, recognition
plaque, recognition at event.

$250 Trophy Sponsor: Full page ad, recognition at event.

$250 Chair Sponsor: Full page ad, recognition at event.

$250 Food & Beverage Sponsor: Full page ad, recognition at event.

Individual Tickets: $20.00 adults / $15.00 children (12 and under)

I would like to purchase an ad:
 Full page: $200          Half page: $125           Quarter page: $75
 Business card: $50    Booster (Name) $25

Ads should be sent by mail or in pdf or jpeg format to GossBoxing@gmail.com.

_____ I cannot attend. Please accept my tax-deductible gift in the amount of $ __________.

Questions? Call (609) 516-3088

Registration Form






Tickets are available at the door. Sponsorships and ads must be purchased by May 14th.

Sponsorship Level____________________________ +

Ticket $______ = Total Amount Due___________________

Payment Method

 Check made out to: Boys & Girls Club

 VISA      MC      DISC      AMEX

Card #______________________________________


Name on Card______________________Signature_________________

Registration and payment due by May 14th. Please mail to:

Goss & Goss Boxing Center
The Junior Olympics Amateur Night
PO Box 2184
Trenton, NJ 08607

Goss & Goss is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Thank you for supporting this program – your donation makes a difference!

Meet the Goss Brothers

April 1, 2010

Click here for a few photos from the Goss brothers’ boxing scrapbook. 

Pictured first is Barry Goss:
Barry Goss, founder and president of Goss & Goss, was a three-time
Golden Glove Champ, AAU Champ (presently the USA Boxing Association), and became a member of the Eastern National Team in
1960. He stayed with amateur boxing.

Sammy Goss is next shown in action:
Sammy Goss, vice-president, became a boxing superstar. He was a
five-time Golden Gloves State Champ, five-time AAU Champ, twotime
National AAU Champ, one-time National Golden Glove Runner-
up, Olympic Trials Champ, and an Olympian. As a pro, he was a
North American Jr. Lightweight Champ, American Jr. Lightweight
Champ, and a former No. 1 Contender.

And the 3rd round features Tommy Goss:
Tommy Goss, treasurer, was a three-time Golden Glove Champ and
AAU Champ. He started out as an amateur boxer and went pro for
about two years.

The Goss family of outstanding boxers has been mentoring youth through boxing for over 15 years in Trenton, and the May 29th event supports their youth programs.

2008 Trenton Mayor’s Cup

March 28, 2010

Barry Goss Induction into the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame

February 28, 2010


Inducted on November 10, 2005

It’s been said that the Goss family has been in boxing, the most influential family for the last 30 years in the
Trenton area. Barry Goss has been admired and respected for his work with the youth in this community.

Barry Goss – Age 63
Born and raised in Trenton NJ
Son of Jesse &              Goss
10 Children, (5 girls, 5 boy) All the boys were fighters

Married to               Goss, Father to       children

Barry Goss is a life long resident of Trenton NJ and is a former amateur champ/manager/promoter and current Head Trainer
of Goss & Goss Boxing Club.

He has been involved in boxing for 58 years. Barry started boxing at 5 years old with the help of his father Jesse.
Jesse Goss was a professional fighter and he trained world lightweight champ Ike Williams and Young Terry.

Mr. Goss had an amateur record of 90 wins and 5 losses. He captured three Golden Gloves titles; two AAU titles and was
a member of the 1960 USA National Team. A heart murmur prevented him from turning to the professional ranks.
This blessing led him and elder brother Jesse Jr. to devote their time and experience into developing the talents
of younger brother Sammy. (No.1 in the country/ three time National Champ/ member of the 1968 Olympic Team).

In time Barry inspired to give back his time to the community. The early years, training was out of the basement of Ray’s
lounge, than Barry moved on to become head trainer at Trenton’s PAL Center until it close its doors. In 1990 Barry moved
his gym into the Boy’s & Girls club of Trenton, there he and family opened the Goss & Goss Boxing Club.

Many notables have trained or worked to develop under the tutelage of Barry Goss. Such as: Boxing referee Wayne Hethpage,
Boxing referee Lindsey Page, Amateur Tournament Champs Shawn Brown, Tyrone Traver, John & Terry Deal, National Golden
Gloves & AAU Champs Fast Freddie Byrant, William (Red) Berry, 2 Time National-semi-finalist Keith Felicano, Worked with
professionals Bryant Bannon 21-2, Kenny Bogner, Robert Mendez, Michael Benning, and former Olympian Terry Cauthen.

Barry’s worked along side notable personalities in boxing such as: Dave (Poppy) Sanderson, Percy Richardson, Scotty Robb,
Sam Bell, Tommy Parks, George Branch and Frank Carillo. Barry has also promoted 2-4 amateur boxing shows a year since 1991.

It’s with great honor that I submit the name Barry Goss for induction into the class of 2005 New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.